Take the Challenge® International MBA Scholarship Program


Take the Challenge® program sponsored and trained students willing to take the development challenge, to foster growth in emerging economies and to build a sustainable world.

Education and training, the major elements of human capital development, have long been recognized as indispensable to the formation process. The curricula of the program will generate responsible managers and entrepreneurs willing to take responsibilities for the unfinished agenda of next-generation reforms to produce economic and social progress in developing economies.


Take the Challenge® was a merit-based scholarship which dealt with the empowerment of bright students worldwide willing to develop the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

The scholarship program was administrated by the IE Fund and gave priority to candidates coming from low and middle-income economies based on the World Bank Country Classification.

All the scholars were required to return to their countries of origin within two years of graduation.

The selection committee considers applications that have successfully completed the admissions process for the IE International MBA program.